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Season of champions

All-American Junior Mateu parker showcases his medal after becoming a two time All-American at the Junior Olympics.

Over the summer at the Track and Field Junior Olympics, Junior Mateu Parker earned the coveted title of all-American for the second time in the decathlon. 

This impressive accomplishment did not come without sacrifice. The training required was strenuous, but Parker was determined every step of the way.

“We trained everyday except Sundays for around three hours,” Parker said. “ I had to hydrate constantly and keep a steady diet.”

The intense daily training consisted of two to three events: sprinting intervals for the 100 and 400 meter, and distance intervals for the 1500 meter. 

Along with an intense training schedule, Parker relied on varsity track coach John Turek’s expertise to give him a competitive edge. 

“[Coach] Turek plays a vital role in my training,” Parker said. “He creates a training schedule for the whole month, which includes enough rest and time to practice for each event. He also travels to meets with me and offers his knowledge.”

Toward the beginning of the summer, Parker identified his weak points and worked hard to turn them into strengths. 

“When I first started, my performance on the first day was always better than my second day,” Parker said. “Our goal over the summer was to make the difference between the two days more consistent.”

Parker’s extensive preparation on the track contributed greatly to his success, but his competitive mindset played an equally important role in earning him his title. 

“An important aspect of the decathlon is not allowing one bad event to affect the rest of your performances,” Parker said. “I had a bad long jump at the Junior Olympics, but I was able to put it behind me and score personal records in other events to make up for the loss and become an all-American.” 

Heading into his junior season, Parker hopes to continue his success on the track and understands that his work is not finished.

“I want to become all-SPC and lead our team,” Parker said. “And, if I can, I’d also like to compete in college.”

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