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A senior’s unexpected journey to the football field

(c) Scott Peak Photography
Noah Cathey

I walked into the equipment hallway to get sized for my helmet when Coach Turner saw

me and stopped.

He put his screwdriver down and questioned, “You playing football?”

I responded with “yes sir.” He seemed shocked that I was joining the team. 

The same reaction came when I told Doc, Jenny and Shandera. Family members and friends were confused. I imagine my schoolmates were surprised as they walked up to Hunt Stadium and saw my poster, fourth from the left, wearing No. 5. 

Frankly, it shocks me as well. 

Putting on my jersey. Running out of the tunnel. You could say I’m out of place. 

But I know I belong. 

English 9 taught me to give my time to two communities: those you have something to offer to and those that have something to offer you. Football falls into the latter category. Coach Flaherty might argue that I, like every player, am a  valuable member of the team, and there is some truth to that. But my athletic prowess is not best suited to the gridiron. The football team does not need me.

That is what makes playing football as a senior all the more special.

Joining football as a senior has picked up in recent years. Some will have the chance to impact the team on the field. Others, like me, play for different reasons.

It might have been the encouragement from my advisory with all of its members playing football or jealousy that my younger brother Caleb played football here before me. It might have been a number of things.

But it was the longing for another community at this school that brought me to football.

Football is touchdowns and hit sticks. It’s coverages and audibles. It’s eye black and bicep bands. At St. Mark’s, it’s all of that and more.

It’s filling up Angela’s every Saturday.

It’s asking my best friend to help me put on my pads for the 12th day in a row knowing I do the same for him. 

It’s strapping up that blue helmet knowing I’m going to give 120% regardless of circumstance. 

People ask me “Noah, why football?”

That’s why.

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