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New fall kicks

With the fall season in full swing, many sneaker companies across the board are releasing new models, colors and sillhouettes to choose from everyday. These three picks are my favorite fall releases.
New Balance WRPD Runner’s

New Balance USA ‘C- Note’:

The 2023 remodeling of the collab between Concepts and New Balance has culminated in the 998 Made in USA ‘C-Note’, and it is certainly reminiscent of their previous collabs together. This was released to celebrate their 10th Anniversary and is inspired by the design of a one-hundred dollar bill. The shoe caters more to a lifestyle runner and boasts an off-white mesh upper with soft suede tones on the overlay with reflective accents along the vamp and back tab. A white leather ‘N’ for New Balance takes the center quarter panel, while Concepts branding is added to the heel overlay in olive green suede. The sneaker rides atop a cream-colored ABZORB midsole, accented with an unexpected pop of royal blue at the forefoot.

This shoe’s silhouette is one we have come to know and associate with New Balance during their recent resurgence in sneaker popularity. It is truly a timeless silhouette that is perfect for casual occasions and everyday wearing, making it the perfect lifestyle shoe. This colorway features a dynamic range of different shades which although alone seem like they would clash individually, they, in fact, come together and flow seamlessly throughout the shoe. The shoe is made out of a mainly suede-leather material, making it both look and feel incredibly high quality as well as ensuring long-lasting durability.

The shoe sits at a price tag at about $220-230 depending on the retailer you purchase from. Although this does sit on the higher side, I personally think its worth every penny as it can be worn everyday, feels and looks high quality and has incredible durability.

If you’re in the market for a lifestyle shoe — one that you could wear everyday; one that can be worn with every outfit; one with a classic silhouette — look no further than the 998 Made in USA ‘C-Note’ from New Balance and Concepts.


Nike ‘Industrial Blue’:

The Nike Dunk Lows have been around since the beginning of sneaker culture, and they persist today as one of the most easily recognizable and widely worn shoes. Nike’s newest colorway release, ‘Industrial Blue’ is built with a crisp white leather upper, contrasted by stark overlays of contrasting black and blue tints. An airbrush effect is applied to the signature Swoosh, featuring a dominant color of blue which fades out into black along the edges of their trademark logo. On the tongue, traditional Nike branding appears, with the underpinning being a durable cupsole with white sidewalls and a grippy black rubber outsole.

The Nike Dunk Lows, which have been successful for a while, are enjoying large amounts of popularity now because of to the recent obesession with the classic ‘Panda Dunks,’ which sport a simple black and white color scheme on the classic form of the Dunk Lows. However, as the Pandas are increasing in popularity, more and more people are looking for ways to rock a similar style but still attempt to differenciate themselves from others, and this is the perfect way to do it. From the slight difference in colorway, making it a different shoe but still keeping the color minimal as opposed to obnoxious, to the very unique style of the swoosh, this shoe is the perfect way to standout, but still have style.

This price tag of this shoe is around $115, placing it at a fairly affordable price especially in an incredibly competitive market not only in sneakers for general, but also for this model, giving it a great bang for its buck.

If you’re looking to purchase a shoe whose style is fairly “in,” with a reasonable price tag and unique but not obnoxious look, the new ‘Industrial Blue’ colorway from Nike’s classic Dunk Lows should not just be high on your list, they should be your first pick.


New Balance WRPD Runner’s:

The New Balance WRPD Runner’s have recently been unveiled in their newest colorway: ‘Sea Salt Blacktop’. The shoe debuts a new silhouette that emphasizes curved lines and exaggerated proportions, making it quite the statement piece with its bold and in-your-face appearance. The upper portion of the shoe is crafted from airy white mesh with wavy overlays in hairy grey suede. Exterior branding is limited to a printed black ‘N’ logo on the quarter panel. The sneaker rides atop a bulky FuelCell midsole, fitted with a medial stability post and supported by a durable rubber outsole that wraps up the toe and extends past the heel.

New Balance’s WRPD Runners are the newest addition in the company’s resurgence from these last few years, but this model is different from many of the releases that brought them back into the limelight of sneaker culture. For this model, they abandoned the more classic frame, and instead opted for a more bulky appearance. The sleek colorway of this shoe is one of my favorites I have  seen on a shoe from New Balance, especially for the Fall season. Additionally, the nice mix of beige, off-white and cream, with the stark contrast of the black ‘N’, this shoe can be styled with almost any outfit and will not prove to limit the clothes you can wear in order to don a nice and cohesive outfit.

This shoe sits right around $200, placing it on the more expensive side in part due to its being a new model. However for me personally, the price, although a bit steep, is justified due to its uniqueness and comfort.

For those of you in the market for a running shoe that can still be worn everyday with any outfit and are also not afraid to be unique and standout in any room you are in, the The New Balance WRPD Runner and yourself, will surely be a match made in heaven.

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