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Varsity teams giving back to the community

The volleyball team puts on a clinic for younger students hoping to learn how to play the game.

Both the varsity volleyball and lacrosse teams host clinics for younger Marksmen to try out a new sport and develop their skills. This reinforces the strong school tradition of giving back to the community.

   For lacrosse, this consists of a four-practice fall session that ends with a game against ESD. Meanwhile, volleyball runs a two-day clinic over the summer for middle schoolers, with one day for fifth and sixth graders and another for seventh and eighth graders. These programs give  older Marksmen an opportunity to help pass on their passion for their sport to the next generation, while also helping to remind players of their roots in the game and their joy for it as well. 

   For the volleyball clinic, junior Owen Ackerman primarily coordinates the event; however, all varsity players are encouraged to attend. 

   “We got a game plan going over the summer and got confirmation from [Athletic Director] Sean Lissemore,” Ackerman said. “I was expecting around 60 total kids, and we got over 100 kids signed up, which was pretty crazy.” 

   The number of kids who signed up for the volleyball clinic is tremendous for the growth of the game. Which follows a trend of volleyball rapidly spreading throughout the country.

   “Boys volleyball is a tiny sport, but it really is growing,” Ackerman said. “There are many highschools in America that have thought about boys volleyball. So to have 100 kids sign up, I think that really shows a lot about how this game is growing and what it really could become.” 

   Lacrosse is the only sport that requires its players to help coach younger players, a new addition to the program by Coach Trey Whitty. Whitty has continued the practice of helping out younger players of the sport at his previous schools. Still, the overall experience gained by the players who run the clinics is worth it every time. 

“I’ve experienced these clinics many times, and everybody wins,” Whitty said. “The parents love seeing the older boys with the younger boys.” 

    For the culture of the school, these efforts and programs are crucial examples of what is preached daily in classes and meetings: giving back to the community. For the lacrosse team, implementing these clinics is an easy way to promote the daily lessons from around the campus into action. 

   “It fits St. Mark’s because that’s what we do here,” Whitty said. “We take care of each other. Our older guys give back to the younger guys, and all that stuff fits who we are.”

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