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Away from the nest and spreading their wings: Bowden Slates

Bowden Slates, transferring from Santa Monica Community College to University of Southern California.

AM: What’s different between St. Mark’s and college?

Bowden Slates: I think the workload is much easier because St. Mark’s really prepares you to be able to balance a heavy workload. Also, your class schedule is so different. You could have a class from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. and then another from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m., and then the next day, you have no classes. It’s about figuring out when you have time and doing what you need to do.

AM: How have you adjusted to college life?

BS: Coming from Dallas to Los Angeles is very different. A lot of guys I’ve met have been from New York or California, and one of my really good friends is from Australia. Academics are really important, but the most important part for me is meeting people and figuring out who I’m going to be later in life. And that’s one of the first things to choose in college, the type of people that you’re going to be around. 

AM: What’s your favorite part of college so far?

BS: My personal favorite part of college is the friends that I’ve made. The new people that I’ve met come from so many different backgrounds. I think St. Mark’s does such an amazing job as a high school, but I think it’s really hard to compare that to a college experience. I mean, one of my best friends is from the Bay Area. Another is from New York. Everyone here has such a different experience and life story that I think makes us a lot more well-rounded.

AM: What would you tell your earlier self with the knowledge you have acquired through college so far?

BS: Don’t stress yourself out so much when you’re applying to college, it’s all going to work out. Of every single person I know in my grade, there’s very few that don’t enjoy the place that they’re at. 

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