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Glorioso-Kirby named new Head of Lower School

Marion Glorioso-Kirby has spent the last two decades here, serving as a drama teacher, Head of the Fine Arts Department and now will take over as Head of Lower School.
VETERAN Marion Glorioso-Kirby speaks at Lower School Chapel. Glorioso-Kirby has been part of the St. Mark’s family for two decades, teaching everyone from first graders to seniors.

Through the power of a convincing mother, Marion Glorioso-Kirby went from an aspiring actress in New York to the Lower School drama teacher.

After 12 years, Glorioso-Kirby became the Middle and Upper school drama teacher. Two years later, she was promoted to Fine Arts Deparment Chair. This past year, she served as the interim Head of Lower School as the search for the right leader continued. 

But as the time to make the final decision neared, one candidate stood out. After months of deliberation, the search committe realized the perfect future leader of the Lower School was already serving in the interim role: Glorioso-Kirby.

Glorioso-Kirby set herself up on the path to being a performer after graduating college, but her entire future changed with one phone call.

“I got a call from a family member who knew St. Mark’s and (former Fine Arts Department Chair) Jacque Gavin very well,” Glorioso-Kirby said. “She told me, ‘You’ve got to get to St. Mark’s, you will be wonderful in the Lower School teaching position.’ I followed the lead, mostly under the encouragement of my mother, who has always been my voice of reason.”

While Glorioso-Kirby had experience working with children, her arrival as the Lower School drama teacher wasn’t easy. In fact, it took over a year before Glorioso-Kirby knew teaching was her future.

“I’ve always loved working with children. Even when I was in middle school, I ran some summer camp programs,” Glorioso-Kirby said. “But that first year, I couldn’t exactly find my voice and how things landed with everybody in the classroom. I probably didn’t know I wanted to be a teacher until I was in my second year of teaching, to be totally honest.”

Despite early challenges, Glorioso-Kirby adored her new role which allowed her to make a true impact on the lives of Lower Schoolers.

“There was a feeling when the boys achieved something,” Glorioso-Kirby said. “There’s too many moments where some student makes you laugh or some student knocks on your door to show you something for you to ever want to leave.”

As Glorioso-Kirby transitioned from teaching younger children to teenagers, she realized that there were many similarities in the students despite the age difference.

“The complexity of character and the complexity of story is what changes, but the fundamentals of acting are the same,” Glorioso-Kirby said. “I want students, whether they’re 8 or 18, to be able to use their voice, emotions, expression and body to the best of their ability.”

When Gavin retired, Glorioso-Kirby became the Fine Arts Department Chair. Although the administrative position was new and different for her, she felt the team-building aspect was similar to being in a show.

“I really love working with people, and you need to have a yes-and attitude in the role,” Glorioso-Kirby said. “Every show is a different set of people that walk through the door, and you develop relationships with different colleagues. And that’s true in an administrative role as well. I think the hats you wear in administration has to do with care for people and the school, and for me that isn’t hard to do.”

Although there was no doubt in Glorioso-Kirby’s mind how much teachers cared for their students, her respect for the faculty has only increased as her fourth-grade son Michael and second-grade son Chirstopher have progressed through Lower School.

“Being a parent on this campus has changed the way I’ve seen so many teachers, and I really understand in a greater way how much love and care is given to each individual boy,” Glorioso-Kirby said. “Every teacher in the Lower School is emotionally, academically, artistically and athletically invested in my kids and that has just deepened my affection for the daily work that the faculty does.”

As Glorioso-Kirby permanently steps into the Head of Lower School position, she excitedly anticipates more interactions with the boys but will miss being heavily involved in the theater, although she plans to continue theater here in some regard.

“Seeing the boys every day to start my morning standing at the door and to get a smile and a hug from 150 boys that walk through the door, it’s hard to have a bad morning.” Glorioso-Kirby said. “But I cannot imagine my life on this campus without being involved in the drama program. It is my first love, and it is my heartbeat in so many ways. I very much will still be involved in that aspect of campus life.”

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