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The perfect date night

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, its no secret that Marksmen will be going out on date nights — in that spirit, here are three of the top choices for Upscale Dining in the area. From Princi Italia’s fair pricing, to RH Rooftop’s flashiness and Sevy’s classiness, there is something in these three options for everyone.
FINE DINING The inside of Princi Italia.

Princi Italia

Centered right in the heart of Preston Royal, Princi Italia isn’t hard to miss. With its toned-down look, slightly tucked away into an area away from the rest of the shopping district, it isn’t in anyway in your face.

However, this more relaxed vibe is something that certainly gives its ambience a unique vibe. Although crowded on busy nights like Fridays and even over the weekends, its location still manages to give off a more settled feeling, one that isn’t too loud but is still lively.

As far the actual food on the menu goes, it’s self-explanatory. Italian Food.

On that note, Princi Italia is known mainly for their Pastas and Pizzas, truly making it the quintessential high-end Italian place in the area. Personally, I find this restaurant to be great due to the atmosphere as well as the fair prices.

The pricing is generally reasonable, not having many items with extravagant prices, which leads me to the next important piece: portions. At Princi Italia you are truly getting the best bang for your buck, with most pizzas and pastas coming in large portions, meaning they aren’t trying to cheat you by making you pay a huge sum of money just for a small ration that won’t even fill you up.

On another note, about the atmosphere, Princi Italia is typically home to many couples going on dates, making it the perfect place to take someone this Valentine’s Day.

The service and staff are also exceptional, never causing long wait times and always apologizing at any inconvenience. On the contrary, there are some aspects of the Princi Italia experience which I think if removed, would make for a better overall experience.

Finally, I believe the location isn’t quite romantic, with people dining in having to walk through a sea of cars just to sit and eat right next to the intersection of two large roads. With Valentine’s Day coming up, Princi Italia is certainly not a bad option, however I do think one could do better.



RH Rooftop

Located in the bustling shopping district of Knox and Henderson, RH Rooftop is truly the epitome of fine dining.

Although they carry a select menu of items to choose from, it is certainly made up with the quality and taste of the food along with the unique surroundings and ambience that come with it.

As soon as one walks into RH Rooftop, they will be greeted with what looks look like a furniture store, because it is.

As the name mentions, the restaurant is located at the top of a four-story building, where the first three are dedicated to the furniture store, which sell high quality pieces, similar to the high quality of the food.

The dark colored furniture and sleek design of the actual dining area make it not too flashy, with dim lights that illuminate but don’t over power the whole fourth floor.

There is both in and outdoor seating, with the outdoor seating giving you a fantastic look over all of the Knox and Henderson area as well as the striking skyscrapers that cut through the sky around you.

The indoor seating on the other hand, gives one a more comfortable feeling, with its dim light and dark features the inside almost feels like an upscale and luxury cabin.

As far as the menu goes, it is mainly comprised of your typical American classics such as Filet Mignon, a signature burger, and many different sea food options as well.

Personally, this is my favorite spot to go for date nights simply because of the uniqueness of the location.

The luxury furniture store of the first three floors makes the atmosphere almost feel like of an incredibly upscale hotel, a vibe that one can never go wrong with.

The only thing I feel would turn some away from RH Rooftop, is simply the pricing.

If you are looking to completely dazzle a girl and eat some of the best food of your life without worrying about price, look no further than RH Rooftop.




With its understated and easy to miss sign, Sevy’s gives off a cozy and welcoming atmosphere even from the outside. Serving typical American classics such as Ribeye and Surf and Turf, Sevy’s is a solid choice for a date night, especially for those looking for a less extravagant and flashy location, but still one where the price of the food will match the quality of the food.

Firstly, the menu at Sevy’s is truly one of their strong points, having far more options than most upscale dining options. Location-wise, Sevy’s is rather under stated, located in the back corner of Preston Center, an otherwise crowded and bustling shopping district.

Pricing-wise, Sevy’s is quite expensive, especially when it comes to their high-end steaks, however, personally, I feel that the combination of the size of the portions as well as the quality of the meat and cooking job warrant the expensive prices. Something else I think sets Sevy’s apart from other upscale dining spots is their fantastic desserts. From their tiramisù to their crem brulee, the dessert menu not only has a wide range of variety, but also has quality all over it.

Personally, I think the strong suits of Sevy’s mainly lay in the location and cozy atmosphere one gets as soon as stepping inside, as well as the many options you must choose from when it comes to the menu, however Sevy’s is not without it’s shortcomings.

For example, although there are many different options to choose from on the menu, many of them are the same style of food, mainly sticking within the realm of steaks, burgers, and sandwitches, meaning if these are not your favorites, your out of luck. Another weak point of Sevy’s is that the cozy feeling can sometimes backfire on them, with some nights feeling especially packed and even claustraphobic at times.

If you’re looking for a more classic, and less traditional spot without an extravagant flair, but still with some quality and true upscale dining, Sevy’s is the perrfect spot.



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