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Vacation Essentials

With Spring Break right around the corner, Vikram Singh reviews must-have items and essentials to elevate any trip. From sunglasses to bluetooth speakers to swimwear, here are the best items for the upcoming week.
Zack Goforth
For many students traveling over Spring Break, a relaxing trip to the beach is often the perfect break from their busy schedules at home, giving them the opportunity to enjoy the ocean.

Ray-Ban Wayfarers bring defense, Style

A classic piece of gear, Ray-Ban Wayfarers, skillfully combine fashion and utility. These sunglasses, which are well-known for their distinctive shape, have established themselves as a timeless classic in the world of eyewear.

The Wayfarers’ timeless style transcends fads and becomes a wardrobe mainstay thanks to its adaptable and durable design. Their unique form accentuates different facial shapes and gives off an effortlessly chic vibe that is always in.

Whether you’re dressing for a formal occasion or going casual for the weekend, these sunglasses blend well with anything. Beyond just being stylish, Ray-Ban Wayfarers are incredibly versatile.

Made from sturdy materials and equipped with premium lenses, they offer superior defense against damaging UV radiation without sacrificing visual clarity.

These sunglasses provide dependable sun protection together with flair, making them perfect for sunny days spent driving or relaxing by the pool.

They’re an essential piece of gear for anyone trying to add some vintage elegance to their ensemble.


UE Boom speaker durable, powerful

The UE Boom speaker is a portable powerhouse that packs amazing sound quality into a small form factor.

It is visually striking with its cylindrical shape and vivid color options and also packs a punch with it’s outstanding audio performance. Whether you’re listening indoors or outside, the 360-degree sound projection makes sure that the music fills the space evenly.

The UE Boom’s durability is one of its best qualities. This speaker is weatherproof, made to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, and water resistant.

You can rely on the UE Boom to maintain the music playing whether you’re trekking or just relaxing by the pool. The UE Boom app lets you customize the sound settings and even enable wireless connecting with additional UE speakers for a stereo sound experience.

All things considered, the UE Boom speaker is a great option for anyone looking for a dependable and adaptable portable speaker solution because of its outstanding sound quality, portability, and durability.


Bird Dogs offer comfort, style

The most important factors in swimwear are comfort, style and durability. All of these characteristics are readily embodied by Bird Dog Swim Trunks, which makes them an exceptional option for anyone looking for premium swimwear without sacrificing style.

Above all, Bird Dog Swim Trunks are incredibly high quality. These swim trunks, which are made of high-quality materials, feel opulent against the skin and will last through many beach excursions and poolside lounging sessions.

The brand’s dedication to excellence is evident in the meticulous attention to detail used in its construction. Bird Dog Swim Trunks come in a variety of styles, which is one of their most alluring features.

Bird Dog offers a variety of styles to suit any style preference, from statement pieces to more subdued looks.
Knowing that you’re wearing stylish and long-lasting swimwear gives you peace of mind whether you’re hitting the beach or the pool.

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