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Watching sports at school: a bonding experience

Neil Yepuri, 11
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Neil Yepuri, 11

Three separate laptop screens, each with a different game loaded up.

Two noise warnings, both received, both unintetionally ignored.

One homogenous group, huddled around, watching in excitement and fear.

The time of day is irrelevant; the only times that matter are counting up, slowly, to 90 minutes, or down to zero.

Maybe it’s a waste of time.

I should probably have done my schoolwork. 

But, that’s the magic of sports.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup was an anomaly for many reasons; however, its timing was the most significant. 

Because of the summer heat in the host country, Qatar, the tournament was set to be played during the months of November and December.

What this scheduling change meant for fans in America was constant world-class soccer during the day. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t partake in a couple of watches in the journalism room, in a lounge around campus or even in a classroom — with teacher permission, of course.

But, the effect of that tournament, and that desire to watch, was palpable. People who I didn’t know, people who hadn’t shown any interest in soccer in the past, were suddenly die-hard fans with knowledge of all the players. I still see those results today — that environment was so captivating that these people are still interested in the game.

And, as March Madness’s yearly excitement rolled through the nation, I saw this phenomenon again. When a nation, a state, a city, or a school are so captivated by a spectacle that enthralling, it’s hard not to watch.

Each time an event like this happens, I can imagine more than a few students violate the acceptable-use policy stated in Lion Tracks. But, every time, the connections that students are able to make across grades, interests and activities are strong.

You don’t have to play a sport or know an insane amount of niche information about it to be able to enjoy it. All you have to do is sit and watch. 

I’ll never forget the times I sat with my friends or any assortment of other Marksmen, watching a team play, and enjoying the game in front of us. It didn’t matter who they were or their level of experience.

And while I’m not advocating for any violation of policy — do your schoolwork on campus, especially during those precious free periods — I think the bond formed between a group of people while watching a game is unique.


Because the game brought them together.

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