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The Student News Site of St. Mark's School of Texas


Spring brings plethora of activity to the Quad

A nice day on the quad.

The Perot Quadrangle, commonly referred to as “the Quad”, is a central area of student activity, whether it is for a quick game of football during lunch or for the annual senior prank.

Spikeball is the main attraction in the Quad, and because games are so fast paced, students can play a few quick rounds during lunch or free periods.

Spikeball’s popularity has increased dramatically since last spring, and junior Wyatt Loehr has started a tournament for Upper School students. He sent out a Google Form to Upper School students by email, and he got 17 teams of two players to sign up. Loehr believes that Spikeball opens up many opportunities for students to meet new people.

“You get to meet with people that you wouldn’t usually meet,” Loehr said. “When I was younger, I played with juniors and seniors that I had never talked with before.”

These activities are not just limited to the Upper School.

Seventh-grader Pedro Bajon-Falcao can often be seen playing soccer before school, during lunch and on his free periods on the Quad.

“My friends and I play soccer together, and it helps improve our friendship,” Bajon-Falcao said.

Loehr feels that the Quad is something that is unique to St. Mark’s, and that it provides students with a unique opportunity to connect with one another.

“The Quad is one of the best things about St. Mark’s,” Loehr said. “Other schools don’t really have a social area like we do. It’s a really important part of St. Mark’s and its culture and community.”

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