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Superfanmen discuss plans for school year

The Superfanmen in front of the statue

The Superfanmen are the staples of the student section, spearheading chants at every sporting event. This year Seniors CJ Ness, Mitchell Galardi and Alex Barret have taken on the responsibility of leading the lions den. The Superfanmen shared their expectations for the upcoming year.

Q: Why did you become a Superfanmen?

CJ Ness: Definitely because of George Genender. I’ve known him for a long time, went to several games by his side and cheered on our Marksmen at many events. I used to have stage fright, but seeing George up on stage definitely influenced me to join the Superfanmen and put myself out there.

Mitchell Galardi: After looking at the previous year’s Superfanmen. It’s really surreal, I’ve spent all of my highschool watching these guys on stage, now, I am one. It’s weird to be on stage when you’re so used to seeing the people you admire on stage. I hope that I can make others feel this way too.

Alex Barret: Because I’ve always been interested in sports, especially cheering my teammates on during important games. One of my biggest inspirations is Camden Reeves, he took me to several games to cheer on our classmates. It was really nice to see the Superfanmen last year connect the school together through a shared pride, and I want to do the same.

Q: What is your biggest goal this year?

CJ: To hype up the Weekly football games and get Marksmen to cheer hard and loud at those games. At the end of fall season, we are planning to get as many people as possible to SPC. Last but not least, hype up the spurs!

AB: To bring the attendance at the games back. Last year, it was good for the most part, but the hype sort of fizzled out by winter and spring season. This is important to us because sports are our main social events. Our attendance right now is amazing and I believe we can maintain the flame for the rest of the year.

Q: What is something new you guys are starting this year?

MG: Our Superfanmen club: SM Ultras. Essentially, they are the Mini Superfanmen. We would get a ton of people who we think would influence the games and even the school to join the club.

Q: What is your favorite thing about being a Superfanman?

CJ: Cheering on our sport’s teams with everyone around me.

MG: Seeing the student sections during the games showing our pride.

AB: Feeling the energy of our school body.

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