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COVID-era biking: an unexpected trend, three years later

DISTANCE This map displays the trails Adame and some students went on during the biking phase.

Three years ago, the pandemic forced people to learn how to live differently. As a result, some people, including many Marksmen, turned to biking.  

“People in general just wanted to get out,” Cecil H. and Ida Green Master Teaching Chair in Science Mark Adame said. “I had a lot of friends who rode like crazy when COVID hit, but for me, the only thing that changed was that I stopped doing group events and racing competitions.” 

Biking is a low-impact sport, decreasing the chance of injury while also increasing the enjoyment of being outside. It’s also an easy way to stay active.

“I’ve been biking all my life, and its easily improved both my physical and mental health,” Adame said. “When I’m riding, I find myself in a better mental state than when I’m not, and that goes with any exercise.”

When the pandemic hit, the demand for bikes rose to the point where most stores ran out of inventory.

“I sold a bike to (former Director of College Counseling) Casey Gendason, since he really wanted to pick up biking during that time” Adame said. “You really couldn’t find a bike anywhere.”

Additionally, biking can be a unifying experience. Biking activities can be shared with Strava, a fitness app for tracking physical exercise. This app helped students and faculty bikers see each other’s ride paths and achievements.

“There were a lot of people who used Strava during the pandemic,” Adame said. “I’ve used it for over 10 years now, and it’s amazing that I’m able to see updates on others with just a click.”

Despite the surge of biking popularity during lockdown, biking still remains a great way of incorporating regular exercise into one’s every day life.

“Dallas is generally a very welcoming place for bikers,” Adame said. “Now that bikes are back in stores and the temperature is nice, going for just a 10 minute ride can make a noticeable difference in one’s mental mood.”

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